22-3/4″ Quad-Stacks

2006 Quad-Stacks, acquired from original owner,
never ran over 18,000 cph


578 mm WebPress EQUIPMENT – Made in USA; One 22-3/4” (578 mm) cutoff press equipment and auxiliary items quoted in “as is” condition.

  • Two (2)- silver Quad-Stacks, 2006 vintage, serial numbers B44-151 & B44-154
    Described further more;

     Silencing and timing using an air clutch
     Running sidelay on each plate cylinder
     Running circumferential register for plate cylinders
     Running skewing adjustment on each plate cylinder
     Compensator adjustment for cut-off register
     Independent dampener & ink feed controls
     Pneumatic ink/water and impression “throw-offs”
     Motorized ink feeding system
     Motorized spiral brush dampening with “zone” control
     Narrow gap slot plate lockup system requiring no tools
     Integral plate cylinder register pins
     Solid stainless steel plate and blanket cylinders
     Class 3 precision preloaded Timken bearings on all cylinders
     Hand crank system for manual rotation of unit(s) in either direction
     Ink and water fountain shutoffs independent of the feed settings
     Individually motorized water and ink fountain rollers
     Wide helical cut main drive gears
     Steel internal unit driveline
     Universal unit driveline couplings
     T-bar blanket cylinders with bearers
     Oil bath gear lubrication system
     Web break detector
     Air circulating system
     Linear ink and water speed tracking
     Drop down key style ink fountains
     33 zones per fountain

  • One (1) – 75 HP Parker SSD Drive system
  • Two (1) – Rollstands with hoist
  • One (1) – Connecting and associated parts
  • One (1) – Professional and insured removal
  • One (1) – Rust proof equipment and load trucks or containers
  • Available now subject to prior sale

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