8 Tower 40,000 cph 22″ Tensor

Late model T-400 Footprint Shaftless Press


Eight (8) T-400 4-High Towers
One (1) H-50 Folder
Eight (8) AR70 Paster
Automated 22” Press rated at 40,000 cph


Tensor’s T-400 single width, 1-around press unit is engineered for high-reliability and long service life. The modular design of the units allows adaptation to changing customer demands.

Tensor’s unique “bearing-in-a-bearing” eccentric design provides optimum dynamic support of the blanket cylinders, which reduces print disturbance. This feature also provides unsurpassed durability in the critical frame bore area, thus providing very long service life of the equipment.

The T-400 is equipped with a full helical gear train.

Eight (8) Tensor T-400 Series 4-High Towers, including:

Manufacture dates: 5 four highs 2004 – 1 four high 2005 – 2 four highs 2007

  • Eight roller continuous feed undershot inking systems geared to press speed
  • #10 and #13 side sidelay adjustment mechanisms for plate cylinders: adjustment +1/8″ (+3.3mm)
  • #10 side running circumferential register mechanism for plate cylinder: adjustable to +1/16″ (+1.6mm)
  • Full helical gear train
  • Stainless steel clad cylinders
  • Blanket cylinder eccentrics housed in a Timken bearing arrangement to reduce side frame wear and cylinder bounce
  • Slit style plate lock-ups
  • Ultra narrow gap 1/16″ slit plate cylinders
  • Motorized sidelay adjustments
  • Motorized running circumferential register
  • Motorized unit to unit phasers
  • Automatic color to color register
  • Cut-of register controlled by the drive motor
  • Reel type blanket cylinder lockups
  • Spray dampening system
  • EPG Remote inking system
  • Segmented ink fountain blades
  • Swing down cast iron ink fountains for rapid, easy color clean up
  • Nylon covered micrometric and ink oscillator rollers
  • Set of spiral bevel ring and pinion gears for better mesh, longer life, quieter and smoother running at high speeds
  • Pneumatic throw-off for the ink feed, ink form, water form and impression
  • Form roller throw-off bars: located on the outside of the rollers, eliminating ink build up on the inside of the rollers
  • Centralized grease lubrication system operator and drive side
  • Drive side oil bath gear housing with self-contained mechanical pump
  • Plexiglas drive side doors for easy daily inspection
  • Electrically interlocked safety guards
  • Four-sided platforming

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