DGM 1030 Folder Loaded with Features

DGM 1030 Folder with Steep Angle Former, Collect, Cross perf and D/P

    New 1998 and in very good condition
    Cut-off: 22 ¾” (578mm)
    Maximum speed: 30,000 PPH – (15,000 collect)
    Minimum 1/2 web of 30lb. newsprint.
    Maximum 10 webs of 30lb newsprint.
    Delivery is fold first for half fold and quarter fold.
    Motorized delivery system with press speed tracking.
    Web size: 1/2 and 1/4 fold a minimum 20” (508mm) full web or 10” (254mm) ribbon;
    1/2 and 1/4 fold a maximum 36” (914mm); full web or 18” (457mm) ribbon.
    Lap Adjustment: Stop and move design Max. +/- .375” (pin long or pin short)
    Former section: 72 degree steep angle former, drilled for air with blower.
    Pneumatic trolleys and driven tabloid slitter.
    Two sets of standard diameter nips.
    Pin cylinder: .437” (11.09mm) pin hole to lead edge spacing, 12 pins across cylinder.
    Jaw cylinder: single piece 2 around cylinder; torsion bar jaw spring & double track cam followers riding on side by side plate cams. Cam timing is adjustable from front of folder.
    Quarter folder: pecking type chopper assembly with tape transport and oil bath gears.
    Cross Perforator option included
    Double Parallel option included
    Collect option for Urbanite application

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