Glunz and Jensen K&F Auto Bender/Punch

Glunz and Jensen K&F Auto Bender/Punch

This is a “Precision Edge” Glunz and Jensen K&F Auto Bender. Circa 2007. It was running 21.5” plates and programmed for a slot style plate bend. It has an infeed with eject feature, an outfeed and two trays. Manuals included. It would be easy to adjust the cut-off to suit a new end user.

Here are some notes about the bender from the manufacturer:

Precision Edge is sold as a freestanding machine or as an in-line solution for automated production.

In freestanding set-up, plates are manually fed to a belt conveyor for registration, punching, and bending. Plates exit the machine via belt conveyor. Precision Edge can be upgraded in the field to an in-line system and is compatible with the wide variety of plate conveyors. Workflows can be customized to deliver plates to any location.

Capable of handling 290 plates per hour, the Precision Edge can serve multiple CTP engines, registering plates on three sides and using electrical edge contacts to initiate punching and bending. Edge contacts can be set to register the same side of the plate as the CTP engine. Plates are punched (includes up to four punches) and bent by using the company’s rotary-bend leaf design. Automatic lubrication of punches reduces galling and extends punch life. Allen-Bradley PLC and control switches operate the Precision Edge.

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