12 Tower Rebuilt Press

Featuring four levels of service from “AS IS” to “REBUILT”

“As Is” Equipment

asis2 Add-on units or complete presses.

No warranty with this product.

Folders, Ribbon Decks & Stackers.

Splicers, Angle bars & Infeeds.

Motors, Controllers & Plate Benders.

“CPIR” - Cleaned, Painted, Inspected & Repaired
cpir New Rubber Rollers.

Badly worn or broken parts replaced.

No cylinder defects that would adversely affect print quality.

Ready to install and run in production.

Guaranteed to perform to Industry Standards when Installed by IW, Inc.
reconditioned 6 Month Warranty.

Dismantled down to side frames.

Unit and all parts are cleaned.

Re-painted to original specifications.

All bearings are replaced.

Ink fountain rollers, blades, seals replaced.

Micro-Metric rollers replaced.

Replace all fasteners & hardware.

Replace all rubber rollers.

Assembled to factory specs.

Test Run at Full Speed for 8 hours.

Assembled and Staged prior to ship.

Rust Proofed and Loaded.
rebuilt Same process as reconditioned, except:

12 Month Warranty.

All Bushings are replaced.

Cylinders are replaced.

Water Oscillators are replaced.

Water Pan Rollers are replaced.

Ink Oscillators are replaced.

Ring & pinion replaced.

Internal drive line replaced.