15-Unit DGM Press

Installed New in 2005 – 22” cut-off

Two DGM Advantage 1 Towers

  • 440 style Towers but with two ink forms
  • Slot plates
  • Reel rod blankets with bearers
  • Operator and gear side oiling
  • Ink levers
  • Brush dampening
  • Quad Tech RMS 2000 Motorized register
  • Motorized ink fountain rollers
  • Full page motorized comps
  • Suburban style rollstands with Robertson brakes

Seven DGM 430 Units (five monos and two stacked units)

  • Slot plates
  • Reel rod blankets
  • Central grease blocks for operator side
  • Ink levers
  • Sock dampening
  • Manual register
  • Full page motorized comps on stacked units (manual on monos)

One DGM 1035 Folder with upper former

  • Air former with blower for both formers
  • Pneumatic trolleys for both formers
  • Three sets of nips
  • Torsion bar jaw shafts
  • Half and quarter folder
  • Reverse fly delivery for half fold
  • Motorized delivery belt

One Goss Suburban Folder

  • Pneumatic trolleys
  • Standard former
  • One set of nips
  • Half fold only

Two Operator Consoles

Three 100 HP ABB Drives

Three 100 HP Baldor Motors with Blowers

Four Robertson brakes

Water System

Plate bender

Complete Press