(2005) GOSS SUNDAY2000/16 CSO-300317


Sunday 2000/16, 8 Units 2 Webs Inline, shaftless press

  • 55,000 per hour, 22.25” cut-off x 38” wide
  • Two Contiweb CS Splicers with auto-roll loading
  • Eight printing units, semi-auto plate loading with .092” sleeve blankets
  • Two Contiweb ECOCOOL/W gas dryers
  • PCF1.1 Folder, two web angle-bar and Zero slip nips
  • QTI Auto register, auto color control and cut-off control
  • Tabloid, Quarter-Fold, Double Parallel and Delta
  • GOSS AC Main Drive System with Siemens drives
  • GOSS Omnicon press and Omnicolor control for two webs
  • Conveyor off folder to horizontal log stacker
  • Sleeve blanket & pinless folder = 2.2% annual paper savings