22 (560 mm) Cut-off Goss Urbanite/DGM 850 pressline

36 broadsheet pages of full color at 50,000 per hour! One, two or three sections when running straight.

Fully automated Press (all automation new in 2016).

One complete 22” (560 mm) Cut-off Goss Urbanite/DGM 850 pressline consisting of 25 printing units and two folders, rated at 50,000 cph. Complete with all necessary connecting parts, consisting of:

Fifteen (15) Urbanite and ten (10) DGM 850 units, arranged as (11) Two-Highs & (1) Three High;

  • One unit designated for black web – 4 pages only
  • New automation in 2016 includes Perretta remote register, auto register and remote inking
  • Spray Bar Dampening with six nozzles new 2016
  • Ink levelers and ultra sonic web detection by US Automation new in 2016

One (1) DGM 1050 half page folder with upper former

One (1) Urbanite half page folder with upper former and factory correct third former

Four (4) 150 HP Drive systems with four (4) motors plus one (1) spare motor.

One (1) Gear side elevated mezzanine with 150 HP controllers installed.

Six (6) Driveline clutches for various configurations

Two (2) Press control consoles and Four (4) Perretta consoles

Nine (9) Enkel Flying Pasters including four at right end & five on left end, arranged as:

  • One 2-high and a 3-high in tandem with a common hoist on the left end, and;
  • Two 2-highs in tandem with a common hoist on the right end

Six (6) New Shaftless Three-wide Assemblies for six pages per web

  • New RP-136 modules to take up 34-1/2″ web
  • One re-aligner unit with crush slitter for six process color leads.

One (1) Ultra sonic web detection system and ink levelers

One Perretta Automation system for 25 unit 560 mm Goss Urbanite Press, consisting of:

  • Perretta P3000 Remote Ink System for 25 units
  • Perretta P3000 Motorized Register and Automatic Register System for 6 webs

Smith model 4 SprayMatic dampening system