Condolences to the Ken Floyd Family











I am saddened by the loss of a rock star in our industry, Ken Floyd. Ken ran Web Specialties for many decades, first in Sacramento and then in Twin Falls, Idaho before recently shutting it down to retire. He was a business owner, machinist, mechanic, technician and designer who we all admired. Our team at imPRESSions has always had great respect for Ken. He was a great man who was always willing to share his knowledge and help others. Sadly, Ken lost his son and business partner Rob a number of years ago…but fought through the tragedy and carried on best he could. We pray Ken is with Rob now and laughing about the good old days. We wish Ken’s wife and family peace during this difficult time. I feel fortunate and honored to have known Kenny so well and will miss him.

Rest in peace my friend and thanks for all you did.

Tom Loesch