Contiweb Ecotherm® Hot-air Web Offset Dryer

Contiweb Pre-Owned/Refurbished Ecotherm® Hot-air Web Offset Dryer with integrated afterburner 93-1020 V904

This 1998 Ecotherm dryer has an integrated 93-1020 V904 afterburner. In 2020 it was fully refurbished at the Contiweb factory in the Netherlands; including replacement parts of burner chambers and hot air valves.


  • The Ecotherm dryer is supplied as one complete unit
  • Ecotherm complies with the latest standards EN 1539, NFPA 86 and the directives of the VDI
  • Three temperature zones: heating zone, drying zone and cooling zone
  • The air circulation system provides a high air volume to the patented “Crossjet” air nozzle bars
  • Web t temperature control by infrared camera, located between drying zone and cooling zone
  • Two afterburner installations with heat exchangers and frequency- controlled fans
  • Door sensors for safety
  • VPN connection for remote diagnosis system
  • Gas type prepared for natural gas