Factory Goss Urbanite 4-High Towers

GOSS Urbanite Towers

Three factory correct Goss Urbanite U-1471 Towers

This is a complete Press. Excellent condition. Proven, refined and tested in production. Available immediately from our headquarters in Burlington, WA.

  • 50,000 cph two around towers originally designed by Goss
  • Standard plate cylinders with center register pin
  • T-bar blanket cylinders
  • Pneumatic throw offs
  • Lever style ink fountains
  • Operator side tower supports to floor spread load over wider stance
  • Multiple load bearing areas distribute weight of 55,000 lbs
  • External gear boxes transmit vertical power via drivelines with couplers
  • Motorized Circumferential and Sidelay register on one tower
  • Motorized gear boxes for phasing unit to unit register on one tower
  • Motorized full page compensators
  • Shear pin jam protection located at vertical shafts
  • Fan out control bustle wheels on one tower
  • Two around, four high print quality
  • U-1471 Folder with three formers
  • Three Enkel pasters
  • Two 150 HP’s
  • One console
  • One plate bender
  • One water system