22-3/4″ (578) Cut-off Goss Community Press ~ Available Now

Cost effective solution for new end user looking for multiple four highs, at an affordable price. These are factory towers, not conversions. Just shut down and ready to remove now!

• Two (2)- Goss SSC Towers complete with catwalk and connecting parts: On the Nose Plate Cylinders, T-bar Blanket Cylinders, Sock dampening, Lever style ink fountains, Manual throw offs, Manual register, Ink Ratchets & Manual compensators.
• One (1)- Goss Community SC Mono Unit. Not in use.
• One (1)- SSC Folder #278 new 1981: Half fold with factory reverse fly for spine first delivery, quarter fold, air former and cross perf.
• One (1)- Fincor 2191A 60 HP drive on 190V to 230V input
• One (1)- Fincor 2191C 60 HP drive on 190V to 230V input
• Two (2)- 60 HP motors, 240V arm, 366AT frame
• Four (4)- Manual rollstands stacked two high with hoist left
end with air shafts
• One (1)- Water system
• One (1)- manual plate bender
• Complete press with all connecting parts