Goss Community SSC Press – 22 Cut-off – New in 2003 – Prints excellent quality

Goss Community SSC Press

Located in Milan, Italy.

Complete Pressline and associated and connecting parts.

Slots, T-bars, Bearers, Sock, Motorized register, EPG remote ink new in 2010, Full page motorized comps, Pneumatic throws offs, Central grease lubrication for operator side bearings and bushings, Amal zero speed splicers for 50″ rolls, Angle bars and blowers for right angle.

Four (4) Floor Mono Units: With integrated reelstand and Robertson brake

Four (4) 4 High Tower Units, each consisting of 4 stacked printing units: Each tower can print one web 4+4 color. Four Fan Out Correction Bars.

Dampening System

  • Socket type dampening

Inking System

  • EPG Remote Inking installed new in 2010
    • With two EPG Consoles
  • Swing down in fountains
  • Inking train comprising:
    • 1 knurled Rislan covered micro roller
    • 2 Rislan covered oscillating drums
    • 2 rubber covered transfer rollers
    • 2 rubber covered form rollers

Circumferential and Lateral Registers:

  • Motorized running lateral register
  • Motorized running circumferential register

Plate and Blanket Cylinders

  • Plate cylinders with slot lock-up and central plate register pin
  • Blanket cylinder with T-bar lock-up (one blanket around)
  • All cylinders manufactured from solid forged stainless steel
  • Special hardened stainless steel bearers on blanket cylinders

Unit Drive:

  • Lubrication on gear side with oil flow
  • Lubrication on operator side with central grease block


  • Four (4) Amal zero speed splicers at right angle with turn bars


  • Current folder is Goss Urbanite for half fold only.
  • Goss SSC Folder can be supplied instead.

Press Drive

  • Three Motors, two at 132Kw and one at 75Kw
  • Three Motor Drive Cubicles

Press Control

One (1) Unit Cubicle integrated on the operating side of each unit for:

  • Press Inch
  • Pneumatic Throw off control
  • Dampening adjustment control
  • Inking speed control

One (1) Press Desk including:

  • Hardware & Basic Software
  • One Industrial two-page (broadsheet) product desk.
  • One Industrial PLC incorporated into desk.
  • One Press Control software
  • Press Control
  • Status of units and folder:
    • Stop
    • Web break detectors
    • Unit and folder clutch
  • Press supervision (time, location and fault display)
  • Master controls and light indicators
  • Sequential start-up
  • Master adjustment of inking roller speed
  • Master adjustment of dampening
  • Copy counter (good, bad, number of revolutions)
  • Parameter setting (S curve, sequential start-up, etc.)

Web Lead and Platforming

  • Eight Full Page Compensators
    • Manual on mono units
    • Motorized on the 4 Highs
  • One Set of Contact Type Web Break Detectors
  • One Set of Web Lead Rollers for 8 Webs
  • One Under folder lead for one web
  • One Set of Catwalks, Handrails and Ladders
  • One Bay Window to move two color webs

Dampening System

  • One Dampening System including:
    • Mixing unit and water circulator with pump
    • Filter for dampening solution return drain
    • Feed pump for reserve operating

Plate Preparation Equipment

  • One Double Edge Plate Bender
  • One Manual Plate Punch