Goss M600C Press System

SOLD USA – Thank You

Omnicon & Siemens

Configuration: 5-unit, 1-web, Vintage: 2005
Size: 578mm X 965mm Serial #: MC-Y0488 Rated Speed: 55,000 IPH
Quantity Description
1 CONTIWEB CS Splicer 10.5-1020 with ARL
5 M600C Printing Units with Micro-Gap
1 Autoplate system for 5 units
1 Baldwin Impact Clothe Blanket Wash System
1 Ink Piping Extension
1 Omnicon Press & Color Consoles with lighting option and flip panel
1 Siemens Shaftless AC Drives
1 Web Catcher
1 AWS Ink Levelers and Ink Pumps
1 AWS Dampening/Circ Combination unit UFW-4551
1 CONTIWEB Ecocool/T Dryer 93-1020 anti-sweat, adv water cooling pkg, silicone
1 Goss Paper Lead w/Angle bars for 2 ribbons w/ Bay Window
1 WPM Pattern Perforating unit
1 JF-55 Folder (Tabloid, Chopper, Delta, Double Parallel)
1 PFF Module 4/8 page
1 STI Stacker with delivery Conveyor off Chopper & Tabloid
1 Rota-Schneider Inline Trimmer Modules
1 Air Blower with cooler
1 D&R Gluer 2 position (two systems 1 for JF & 1 for PFF)
1 Omni Makeready Package for 1 Web
1 Pre-Press Interface (PPI)
1 GMI Print Quick Registration
1 GMI/AVT CLC w/ SPC Reporting, Spectral Reporting & Gamut Control
1 QTI Cut-Off Control
1 VITS Sheeter
1 NELA semi-automatic punching/bending/shearing machine H-VCP
1 Airstack Chiller System
1 Goss, Contiweb and 3rd party Manuals and Documentation
1 Spare parts

Impressions count believed to be 1.285B.
“As-is, Where-is”
Pricing for removal, freight and Installation available upon request.
Available immediately – Can be seen in operation