One owner 2004 WebPress Quad-Stack Press with Remote Inking!


Located at Park Press, 930 E 162nd St, South Holland, IL 60473. Complete 2004 Pressline and all associated and connecting parts.

22-3/4” x 36” (578 x 914 mm) single width Printing Press Line consisting of two WebPress Quad-Stack units, one WebPress Atlas folder, two zero speed Jardis splicers and other connecting and associated parts and equipment.  The specific equipment listing is as follows:

Two (2) WebPress 4+4 Quad-Stack Printing towers, with the following features;

  • Serial numbers – B44-127 and B44-128 (built in 2004 in the USA)
  • Silencing and timing using an air clutch
  • Running sidelay register adjustments (+/-100) on each plate cylinder
  • Running circumferential register adjustments (+/-100) on each plate cylinder
  • Running skewing adjustment (+/-010) on each plate cylinder
  • Independent motorized dampener feed & Ink feed controls on all printing couples
  • Independent, pneumatic ink/water and impression “throw-offs”
  • Motorized ink feeding system
  • Motorized spiral brush dampening system with zone control
  • Positive Register narrow gap (slot) plate lockups with center pin
  • T-bar style blanket cylinders with bearers
  • Solid Stainless-Steel plate and blanket cylinders
  • Ink and Water fountain shutoffs independent of the feed settings
  • Wide helical cut main drive gears
  • Hand crank system allowing manual rotation
  • Oil bath gear lubrication system
  • Dropdown ink fountains with EPG remote inking from console
    • Double oscillators
    • Larger ink fountains and larger ink fountain rollers
    • Larger micrometrics
    • Air circulating system
  • Each Quad-Stack has an operator control panel

One (1) WebPress Atlas folder #261-88, with the following features;

  • Heavy duty folder to produce half and quarter folded products in one section
  • Double Parallel fold and triple knife Cross Perforator included
  • Droop snoot former board
  • Adjustable forming rollers
  • Driven RTF roller with Tabloid slitter
  • Single set of adjustable nipping rollers
  • Double diameter pin and tucking cylinder
  • Knife bar arrangement
  • Single diameter jaw cylinder
  • Automatic gear lubrication system
  • Spine first delivery with adjustable tape control
  • Quick silence for quarter fold and removable half fold delivery creel
  • Variable speed extended delivery, removable for ease in cleaning
  • Folder operator control panel

One (1) 125 HP AC drive with associated control systems

Two (2) Jardis zero speed splicers, with;

  • Arranged as tandem set with a common hoist
  • Five airshafts
  • Remote controls
  • Angle bars and blower

Master operator console

Remote ink console

Water system

Plate bender and punch

All necessary connecting parts to install

Press drawings and manuals