Northwest Offset Printing and imPRESSions Worldwide continue to push forward with the 8 Tower Goss Magnum Press project. Using safe practices, this essential Press installation remains on schedule in the midst of the global pandemic.

Electrical work is under way and five 200 HP Drives are being installed now. A custom-built mezzanine located away from the folders houses the upgraded Allen Bradley systems. Sub panels and master control cabinets are positioned, and power is being pulled by a super team of locals. The 8 towers and 2 folders are being wired in preparation for testing next month. Our dedicated professionals are working 7 days a week.

The paper rolltrack for the pasters was recently installed and local contractors will now back pour concrete. When SMC technicians were unable to travel due to the current pandemic, imPRESSions Worldwide stepped in to execute their part keeping the job “on track”.