Tensor T1400 Pressline

The 560mm/22″ cut-off press has been well maintained by the customer in cooperation with the OEMs and is in remarkable condition.

An electrical RETROFIT of the Drive & Control system was done by DCOS Automation in 2019.

At the same time two of the AR70 splicers were also electrically retrofitted by AMAL Webline.

Five (5) T1400 Four-high Towers & One (1) T1400 Mono Unit

  • Footprint shaftless, DCOS Automation
  • BE-Cover design
  • Up to 890mm wide web
  • Reel rod blanket lock-ups
  • Slit type plate cylinders
  • Central grease lubrication for operation side
  • Motorized register
  • EPG Remote Inking, integrated in DCOS System
  • Lincon ink levelers
  • Inventor Spraybars with 4 nozzles
  • Inventor Blanket wash system (brush in unit 1 and 2)
  • Photoelectric Web break detectors
  • Turnbar under 4-high

One (1) Folder H50

  • Standard lower former
  • Air former with blower
  • Mechanical Motterstitch stitcher
  • Quarter folder
  • Cross Perforator
  • Ring Perforator
  • Dual under folder leads
  • Gluing system

Splicers AMAL AR70A

  • Turret splicers
  • Handles two 50” reels with pit

Press Automation (DCOS Automation)

  • Footprint shaftless Drive & Control system (Retrofit in 2019)
  • Three operator stations (Multimaster)
  • Integrated Spraybar system
  • Integrated remote inking control
  • Ink preset with learning
  • Integrated Closed-loop register system (QI Press Control, IRS)
  • Full remote support capability