Used Press Inventory – Delivery and Installation is available. imPRESSions Worldwide, Inc. owns all the equipment listed!

Below is a sample of our used press inventory. Since our inventory list changes rapidly, we invite you to contact us if you don’t see what you are looking for. We may very well have it available!

dynaric strapper

Dynaric Strappers

Available Now! Four Dynaric Strappers


SOLD USA - Thank You

Omnicon & Siemens. Configuration: 5-unit, 1-web, Vintage: 2005. Can be seen in operation.


Available for Sale exclusively by imPRESSions Worldwide

Configuration: 5-unit, 1-web, Vintage: 2001 Size: 578mm X 965mm Serial #: MC-Y0336 Rated Speed: 50,000 IPH 8.03 m/s
quincy 60 hp screw compressor

60 HP Screw Compressor

Now available for less than half the price of new

Two 560 cut-off Magnum Four Highs

2006 vintage Goss Magnum Four Highs in 22" cut-off.

Baldwin 105 Countoveyor

Baldwin 105 Countoveyor

AC Drive System - 150HP

150 HP motor and ABB controller available now in our inventory.
Goss_SSC_magnum_ tower (4)

21" Cut-Off Goss SSC/Magnum Towers

Two (2)- 21” (533) cut-off Goss SSC/Magnum Towers.  1990’s Press built in the USA during the best production years. 35” wide.
goss_community_sscpress_used press

22" Cut-off (560) Goss Community SSC Press

22” Cut-off (560) Goss Community SSC ~ Two Goss SSC 4-high towers ~ One Goss SSC folder #9033
Goss_SC_Folder_half_quarter_usedpress (9)

SC Folder #451

AVAILABLE NOW! SC folder with half and quarter folder.

Goss Community SSC Towers

22-3/4” (578) Cut-off Goss Community SSC Towers ~ Available Now. 1990’s towers built in the USA during best production period. Clean and ready to ship now!

Assorted Compressors

In Stock Now!! Email us for a quote!!

Urbanite Press - 50,000 per hour

12 Unit Goss Urbanite Press with 2 Folders. One owner. Excellent maintenance. Circa 1990 – 22-3/4” cut-off, rated at 50,000 impressions per hour.

22-3/4″ Tolerans Stitcher

Excellent condition! Ran only 24,000 copies per week at slow speeds since new in 2005.

Tensor T-400 Towers

Six Towers Sold

Tensor’s T-400 single width, 1-around press unit is engineered for high-reliability and long service life. The modular design of the units allows adaptation to changing customer demands.

Jardis Zero Speed Splicers

One tandem set of Jardis splicers circa 2004 (two splicers with common hoist) and four air shafts
DGM_430_tower_usedpress (10)

DGM 430 Four High - 22-3/4 (578) Cut-off

DGM 430 Four High - 22-3/4" Cut-off Original 1998 three high with 4th unit added in 2003

Four Tower Tensor/DEV Press

22” Cut-off Tensor/DEV Pressline with two webs of heat set. Six Towers (2 heat set) – Three Folders –Sixteen Enkel splicers

Tensor/Dev Press from Paradise, CA

22” Cut-off Tensor/DEV Pressline with two webs of heat set. Six Towers (2 heat set) – Three Folders –Sixteen Enkel splicers

1993 Goss SSC Folder

SOLD in the USA! - Thank You!

22-3/4” cut-off Goss SSC Folder #719 with half fold, quarter fold and cross perforator. Very good condition.

Saskatoon 22" cut-off SSC

This 22" Cut-off Press is a nice Press with one four high originally built in the USA! Prints excellent quality.

Goss SSC 4-High Towers - 22" Cut-Off

Goss SSC 4-High Towers - 22” cut-off. Now located at our headquarters,

560 mm Goss SSC Mono Units

22” Cut-off – 2006 vintage – 50” rollstands

S-1616 Goss Folder

Goss Suburban jaw folder with quarter folder and cross perforator


In stock now. As is or reconditioned. Call or email now

578 Cut-Off SSC Four Highs

One owner Goss SSC Tower new in 1992 with DGM 430 Tower purchased about 2000.

Goss Community SSC Press - 22-3/4” (578) Cut-off

One owner Press bought new in 1992 and expanded several times with more new equipment.

Goss Community SSC Four High

Circa 1990’s Goss SSC Tower in superb condition. Cleaned, Painted and Repaired. High speed mechanical test run completed to check for problems, heat or noise.

Goss Community SSC Press Equipment - 22" Cut-Off

SOLD in Uruguay! - Thank You!

Goss SSC Mono units. Goss SSC folder #9022. Motor and controller, water system and plate bender.

Glunz and Jensen K&F Auto Bender/Punch

SOLD in Canada! - Thank You!

This is a “Precision Edge” Glunz and Jensen K&F Auto Bender. Circa 2007.

Prime UV Systems

ONE SOLD in Canada! - Thank You!

Two complete and operating Prime UV systems that just came off Goss SSC Press. Each with two 600W lamps, 3 power levels, cabinet, controls, exhaust, complete systems.

DGM 1050 Folder - 22 inch Cut-Off

DGM 1050 Folder New 2000 and in excellent condition. Built in Pennsylvania, USA

Silver Quad Stack

SOLD in USA! - Thank You!

Quad-Stack, installed less than 10 years, acquired from original owner, never ran over 18,000 cph. Serial number B44-194 in excellent condition.

Jardis Infeeds

Jardis Infeeds In Stock Now!

Low Priced Quad-Stacks

Five Quad-Stacks available immediately. Equipment currently located in Birr, Ireland. Owner needs to get out of building. If you are looking to expand your operation this is an excellent opportunity to acquire late model Quad-Stacks at wholesale prices!

Muller Inserting Machine

SOLD in USA! - Thank You!

Muller 3 into 1 model 227 inserting machine with drive upgrade.

Late Model DGM 430 Towers

DGM 430 Tower - 22-3/4” (578) Cut-off - One owner, bought new in 2004. Very light use in Aspen Colorado running on average 10,000 copies per day.

DGM 1030 Folder

New in 1998. In very good condition. Loaded with features!

Factory Goss Urbanite 4-High Towers

Three factory correct Goss Urbanite U-1471 towers

Goss Community SSC Towers - 546 Cut-Off

ONE TOWER SOLD in Mexico! - Thank You!

Goss Community Press available now!
Goss Magnum Press 42 Unit

42 Unit Goss Magnum Press

Up to Ten Towers available now with Two Universal 45 Folders. This Goss Magnum4 Press was New in 2001 and has Capacity, Speed and New York Times Print Quality!
Goss Urbanite Units

Goss Urbanite Units

Floor and stacked unit with lever style ink fountains. These 1000-1300 series Goss Urbanite units are available now at our headquarters!

Nissan Clamp Truck

Nissan Clamp Truck

Goss SSC Press From Italy

New in 1997 with very light use – Rated at 30K cph. This Goss SSC Press was run only 8000 copies per week for about 10 years and then shut down!
baldwin 109 count-o-veyor

Baldwin 109 Count-o-veyor

Stacker with laser counter