Goss veteran joins imPRESSions

imPRESSions Worldwide, Inc. welcomes Dave Gilmore to our team!  Dave brings 25 years of Goss newspaper and commercial web experience to our already talented team.                        

Dave is now our VP of Sales for North America and will remain based in Southern California. He will also spend time at our headquarters near Seattle and our SE USA Service Center in Tupelo, MS.

Dave will handle most of our sales activity from coast to coast and for our friends to the North. Dave can be best described as personable and professional with a high degree of integrity, making him a perfect addition to imPRESSions.

Dave says “Joining the iW team was an easy decision and a natural fit. The value-added sales approach that imPRESSions Worldwide offers printers is unmatched. Couple that with Tom’s (Loesch) commitment to project execution and customer satisfaction, and I could not be more pleased to join this team.”

Our business model is built around Goss single wide Presses and now we have even more Goss experience on board to better serve our customers.


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More than 23 years providing excellent value and quality

More than 1300 precisely executed projects

25 expert employees with an average of 21 years of industry experience

Number of companies that compare to imPRESSions,0

100% guaranteed customer service and satisfaction


“We want to thank imPRESSions for partnering with us…You have a great team and you make these projects look easy!”

Joe Boessenecker, VP Production, Media News Group


ImPRESSions Worldwide Partners with BH Media’s Winston-Salem Journal

imPRESSions Worldwide is proud to have partnered with BH Media’s Winston-Salem Journal to supply them with a cleaned, painted, inspected and repaired Goss Urbanite Press, rated at 50,000 CPH. The press consists of 24 Goss Urbanite units, 2 Goss Urbanite Folders, 3-wide assemblies, consoles, controllers, motors and pasters, upgraded with new automation by the experts at imPRESSions Worldwide.


Professionalism and high standards are what first comes to mind when I think of imPRESSions Worldwide. It has been my pleasure to have worked on two major press purchase and installation projects with imPRESSions. Tom Loesch and team made me feel from the very start that partnering with Impressions was the right move for our company. They went above and beyond. Their team of professionals stayed with us until we were comfortable in the operation of the machine and they have been there for us when we needed assistance. If I need press equipment in the future imPRESSions Worldwide will be my first call.

~ Robert W. Rogers, Vice President, BH Media Publishing Solutions

Metro Production Conference 2019

Hope to see you in 2019!  We will post details as soon as they are available!


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Print and Paper in a Digital World Key Findings From the UK Survey

Many consumers prefer and enjoy reading in print.  The survey found print to be the preferred choice for recreational reading in the UK: magazines (78%), books (73%) and news (62%).

Although printed newspapers were preferred overall, clear generational differences could be seen in the findings. 77% of over 55s prefer to read news in print, but the younger the respondent was, the less likely they were to prefer printed newspapers – with just 35% of the 18-24 years olds choosing print. Mobile was the most popular format for news consumption amongst the 18-24 year olds at 38%.

Printed books were preferred across all age groups, followed by e-readers (12%) and tablets (7%). E-readers, such as Kindles, were more popular amongst the older respondents, and tablets with younger respondents. 72% of those surveyed believe reading a printed book is more enjoyable than reading a book on an electronic device.

For bills and statements, the survey found that UK consumers prefer to read these on their computers (laptops and desktops). Printed statements were preferred by 29% of respondents and 56% say they prefer to receive bills and financial statements through a combination of both online and on paper.

Consumers want to retain the right to choose how they receive communications. The survey examined consumer attitudes towards the drive to digital-only communications. 88% believe they should have the right to choose how they receive communications (printed or electronically) from their service providers. A further 73% believe they should not be charged morefor choosing paper bills or statements and 41% of UK consumers would consider changing provider if forced to go digital-only.

Print provides more privacy and security. 71% of UK consumers are increasingly concerned that their personal information held electronically is at risk of being hacked, stolen, lost ordamaged and 69% keep hard copies of important documents filed at home, as they believe this is the safest and most secure way of storingtheir information.

Print is more trusted and provides and deeper understanding to the reader. More consumers believe they gain a deeper understanding of the story when read from newspapers (63%) over online news sources (45%).76% of all UK respondents believe “fake news” is a worrying trend and just 16% trust the news stories found on social media. Older age groups
were less trusting of both printed and online news sources: just 35% of respondents over 55 say they trust the news stories they read in printed newspapers, and only 4% say they trust the news stories found on social media.

News consumption habits are changing. The results reveal that consumers still spend a lot of time reading printed products every week. 29% of respondents read printed newspapers every day and a further 28% pick up a paper at least once a week. Despite 62% of respondents preferring to read news in print, in practice, more are reading news on electronic devices on a daily (42%) and weekly (28%) basis. 75% of 18-24 year olds say they prefer to get their news online for free and 62% say they will read more news online in the future.Despite the shift to reading more news online, 59% of respondents would be concerned if printed newspapers were to disappear in the future.

There is concern about the impacts of digital consumption on health. 47% believe they spend too much time on electronic devices and 46% are concerned the overuse of electronic devices could be damaging to their health. 31% feel they are suffering from “digital overload” – this rises to 58% amongst the 18-24 year olds. Although 69% think it’s important to “switch off” from screens, 62% of respondents claim they are reading fewer printed magazines than they used to and 44% are reading fewer books.
Online advertising is unpopular with most consumers. The results reveal that 78% of UK consumers do not pay attention to online advertisements and 63% do their best to block or avoid them. 69% of respondents say they find online ads and 72% say they can’t remember the last time they willingly clicked an online ad.

Complete report and request for printed versions click here.


International Newspaper Group Conference 2018

Looking forward to the International Newspaper Group Conference September 28th and 29th in Chicago.  Hope to see you there!

The 2018 Summit will be more productive, effective and highly accomplished toward its goal of providing a solid venue and forum for exchanging solutions to newspaper production issues.

Top management from newspapers of all sizes and stripes engage with one another toward meeting the demands of newspapers in today’s market.