Introducing Our Experts – Michael Judy

Michael has been with imPRESSions for almost five years. Michael has a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Central Washington University in Ellensburg. He has applied his college degree and immersed himself in the Printing industry. He is a quick learner, has plenty of passion and is a versatile “utility player” for imPRESSions. He can play almost any position in the field and divides his time and talents between many tasks. He is a master with CAD drawings and works with 3D programs. Michael has the flexibility to work on projects such as removals, installations and in-house rebuilds. He is also an experienced welder and an apprentice in our manual machine shop at our headquarters. Michael is a homegrown Pacific Northwest resident, a husband and a father to a new baby girl.  “Each day has a new obstacle which we must hurdle over and learn from.  This has given us a great ability to address and resolve problems quickly.”