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imPRESSions Worldwide North American Agents for Vision and VSOP (used) Presses

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Vision Web Offset Press Specialized for Security Printing

security printingSecurity printing requires high quality and accurate equipment. imPRESSions Worldwide are now the North American agents for the Vision web offset press.  With more than 70 years of experience, DG Press created an amazing product – The Vision press.  The Vision press is printing at many security printers across the globe.

What is most important for security printing is the prevention of falsifications of documents such as checks, passports, stock certificates, postage stamps, banknotes, etc. By using special paper and watermarks, counterfeits can be intercepted. In addition, the copying of such documents can be made even more difficult with special printing techniques.

The Vision is a modular hybrid press to which additional modules can be added to meet your specific requirements. Therefore the Vision can produce any kind of security print.

The Vision is a short- make- ready web offset printing press that combines shaftless technology with nearly all possibilities for inline options. The press can be used for a wide variety of security printing applications.

The Vision is an efficient, highly reliable printing press. In addition, the Vision is a platform that can be customized to your specific security printing demands.

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