PROGRESS UPDATE on Northwest Offset Printing

Our Spokane installation team brings well north of 100 years worth of experience to the job site. These guys have led the rest of our crew and local contractors through the process. The 8 tower Goss Magnum Press installation required tremendous cooperation from the Northwest Offset team as well, but we are really proud of Steve Salvino (project manager), Thomas Rylands (start-up master), Ben Dorman (level, line, tram expert) and Armando Garcia (electrical engineer). Our people make the difference.

We continue to push through the pandemic. Just this past week the team began sidewinder testing. The main Universal 45 folder (F1) has three formers. One is a side former. Centerline testing is now complete.

The Spokesman-Review newspaper will have the option of including a heatset cover come June, when the 8 tower Magnum Press will be up and running. Tower 8 will most often run commercial heatset work into the right end Universal 45 Folder but can also be used for the newspaper when running to the center folder.

The finish line is in sight.

Our people make the difference.