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Thallo Packaging Press

imPRESSions Worldwide is the Thallo Packaging Press agent for customers in North America. Call Dave Gilmore for more information at 619-548-1409!  imPRESSions Worldwide, located in Skagit Valley Washington, is the headquarters for all your flexible packaging needs including the Thallo Packaging Press!

Thallo Packaging Press – Sleeve Offset

Sleeve offset technology allows you to print web offset on variable sizes (repeats). This technology allows you to easily change sizes without having to change the unit or ‘print cartridge’; a very cost-effective way of printing different repeat lengths. Changing sleeves is quick and easy and a new job can be started in just a few minutes. Any repeat range is possible between 406-762mm (16-30″).
The Thallo offers a re-designed sleeve technology which results in longer sleeve life and improved repeatability at a more competitive price.


  • Quick job changeover
  • Economical printing of different repeats
  • Thallo designed to allow converters to use their existing offset sleeves

Lean Production

One of the primary targets of the Thallo was how it could contribute to a lean production environment. Every small detail of this system has been optimized for up-time of the press while also maximizing output and minimizing waste.


  • Simplified first line maintenance
  • Ergonomic design with easy access for cleaning
  • Optional stainless steel covers

Thallo Packaging Press – Hybrid Offset

The Thallo Packaging Press is designed on a modular inline platform which enables maximum flexibility and future proofing. This modular hybrid system allows converters to combine all the benefits of web offset with the inherent advantages that flexo, gravure and digital can offer. This results in a truly flexible investment that not only meets today’s tough market demands but can also be easily adapted to meet changes in market demands in the future.


  • Flexible configuration
  • Hybrid solutions – combining the best attributes of each print-process
  • Future proofing – easily reconfigurable

Web Tension

The Thallo is equipped with the latest technology in motion control allowing for complete control of web tension and substrate flow throughout the machine. This precise control increases the ability to print on a greater range of substrates.


  • Independent web transport and press warm-up
  • Fast start – the press immediately goes to production speed
  • Web re-use – during setup, the web can automatically be run backwards (rewound), making optimal use of an expensive substrate
  • Printing on the most sensitive unsupported film substrates


Thallo Packaging Press Cost Advantages

The variety of packaging on the retail shelves today is much different to that of ten years ago. The difference can be seen in the enormous variety of flavours, pack sizes, regional, seasonal and promotional packages, resulting in average order sizes for converters having dropped dramatically in recent years. Here the challenge lies with the converters and the brand owners alike, converters still need to make a profit on shorter runs and brand owners want to make regular design changes without incurring the expensive set-up costs associated with flexo and rotogravure. The Contiweb Thallo Press addresses these issues head on and excels in runs that are too short for profitability with flexo and gravure processes but too long to be economically viable on digital. Offset printing plates cost a fraction of flexo photopolymer plates and gravure cylinders. Another advantage is the short time frame in which offset plates can be made, with offset a plate can be on the machine ready to print within minutes of a new image file being received, compared to hours, days or even weeks with other processes. This provides an opportunity for converters to cut the costs of inventory for gravure cylinders and/or photopolymer plates and for brand owners to react quickly to competitive marketing campaigns or sporting/social events.


In a fast-paced consumer driven world, the majority of buying decisions are made in a single second at the point of purchase. Brand owners recognize the importance of standing out amongst the crowd and seek high-quality, eye-catching visual graphics for their products. Web offset printing offers the highest levels of print quality. High line screens and screening techniques such as FM (stochas-tic) screening can be used to produce stunning photo realistic images which provide that all important ‘shelf appeal’. Web offset printing is an extremely well-established and repeatable process that is unmatched in terms of colour reproduction and proof matching. Moreover, with the pre press process integrated in house, web offset offers printers and brand owners will have the unique possibility to standardize all print-related processes at different production locations around the world. The Thallo technology is offering a predictable, stabile and reproducible printing and colour quality, based on independent and internationally-acknowledged standards (e.g. ISO-12647 and ISO 15339). As legislation and regulations are becoming more strict, Thallo users are prepared for the future.

Food Safety

Migration of inks is a primary concern for brand owners and converters. Even the slightest hint of change on a packed product could transform into a major disaster and cause long term damage to a brand. EB/UV offset has proven to be a working and verified solution to all converters printing for the food industry with a wide variety of proven chemistries (inks and coatings) and curing solutions available.


Flexibility and responsiveness are values of the utmost importance to converters and brand owners alike. In a fast paced and ever changing market ‘just enough’ and ‘just in time’ are the order of the day.


Increasing environmental awareness, legislation, pressure from consumers, NGO’s and sharehol-ders have all resulted in ‘sustainability’ and ‘social responsibility’ being at the very top of all brand owners’ corporate objectives. Compared to other processes, web offset provides an environmentallyfriendly process without residual ink waste or solvents and is a proven to be a VOC- free printing technique (Volatile Organic Compound).