Two TKS Double-wide Towers – 22-3/4″cut-off

22-3/4″ (578mm) double width Color Top 6000 TKS Towers and other connecting and associated parts and equipment , with the following features:

Two (2) – TKS 4/4 digital inking system offset printing tower units consisting of eight (8) printing couples arranged to print four color on front and back of one web. Complete with individual level inching and auto-retiming. Ryco spray bar dampeners.

Two (2) – TKS 45” diameter RTP’s (reel, tension, auto paster) complete with self-diagnostics paster panel controls and associated RTP equipment and automatic PIV web infeed.

Two (2) – Sets of Y-column substructures and connecting parts.

Two (2) – Sets of machine bed rails and associated parts.

Two (2) – Power driven “outfeed” pulling rollers located on top of tower web exit.

Two (2) – Sets of reversible angle bars on top of existing bar nest, with motorized remote control for RFB (roller front of bar).

Two (2) – TKS floor mounted operator’s consoles #1 for 4/4 tower units for remote functions.

Two (2) – Motorized web lead tapes from RTP through the 4-high tower to roller front of angle bar.

All necessary “catwalk” platforms, safety handrails, floor plating and associated brackets, etc. to conform with existing flooring and associated platforms.

All necessary electrical components, i.e., main drive motors and controllers, auxiliary electrical motors and web protection equipment.